Frequently Asked Questions

Is Memphis Kiddie Park right for my family?2022-07-22T14:53:01-04:00

Memphis Kiddie Park is for the entire family. But we are not a theme park and we don’t have any “big” rides.

Our miniature golf is for anyone from toddlers to senior citizens. And while little kids can play and have fun, the course was designed as a “skill course” for adult golfers. If you aim right, you can score a hole-in-one on every hole. One of our holes is always rated in the top 10 most challenging holes in the Cleveland area.

Our rides are designed for children under 50 inches tall. As long as the child can sit upright unassisted, they are technically old enough to ride.

3 rides have no height restriction: the Train, Merry-Go-Round, and our Little Dipper roller coaster. And parents who stand to hold their child on a horse on the Merry-Go-Round ride free.

And then there is our concession stand with amusement park style treats. With a menu featuring Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Frozen Snacks, Hot Dogs, and a wide array of fun beverages like Slush Puppies, there is definitely something for everyone.

How many rides do you have?2024-03-04T23:29:03-05:00

We have 11 rides – plus our Championship Miniature Golf course. You can see them here

Who can ride?2022-02-07T10:50:56-05:00

Most of our rides – all except for the Train, Merry-Go-Round and Little Dipper — are restricted by the State of Ohio to children less than 50 inches tall as measured at the park while wearing shoes. Taller guests, including adults, are welcome to ride the Big Creek & Memphis Railway, Merry-Go-Round and Little Dipper.

For the safety of all guests, Memphis Kiddie Park staff reserves the final determination of whether or not a child is too tall to ride.

How old does one have to be in order to ride?2022-03-24T15:54:04-04:00

Every child is different and the decision is ultimately the parent’s to make. We require that a child be able to sit upright, unassisted and, if the ride demands, able to hold onto the safety bar. Children who do not or cannot follow the direction of the ride operator may be turned away.

Is it true that ride tickets never expire?2022-02-07T10:53:17-05:00

Yes, it is. Our regularly priced ride tickets never expire. And since there is no gate fee and parking is free, you never have to worry about a sudden weather change or a tired child knowing that your tickets remain valid for a future visit. We often have mothers come with their children using tickets left over from when mom was a little girl!

How many tickets do you need for each ride?2022-02-07T10:54:03-05:00

Each ride requires one ticket per rider. On the Merry-Go-Round, a ticket is not required for parents who stand to hold a child seated on a horse.

Does Memphis Kiddie Park sell season passes?2024-03-04T23:31:06-05:00

No, but we do offer our SeasonPak, which provides our best value (nearly 50% off!) for families that wish to purchase enough tickets to last for more than one visit.

Remember, our regular-priced ride tickets never expire!

Why do some kids have wristbands?2022-02-07T11:01:29-05:00

Children participating as guests of a birthday party or part of a special group receive wristbands to identify that group with whom they belong. They are not “passes” and serve as “tickets” for these party and group attendees. The wristbands are good for the period reserved after which time they no longer work.

What are your policies regarding the ADA & Special Needs?2024-05-04T19:30:13-04:00

From the first day Memphis Kiddie Park opened, it has been especially attentive to children with special needs. And, as the laws have changed and communities have become more aware, our policies have changed to include all persons with disabilities.

Many children who visit Memphis Kiddie Park have disabilities which are not readily apparent, and it is totally inappropriate for our ride operators to inquire if a child is having an issue due to special needs. Therefore, we rely on parents to inform the ride operator of any special need and, if necessary, how to respond (e.g. speak quietly, don’t touch, provide special assistance in getting on and off the ride, etc.).

All our rides pre-date any concept of an ADA and are therefore grandfathered. Still, most people will find them manageable, perhaps with a little assistance required.

Outside food a beverages are generally prohibited from Memphis Kiddie Park (with certain exceptions for pre-arranged birthday parties). However, accommodation will be made for customers with a medical condition subject to our Special Dietary Needs Policy.

For information about service animals, please see the separate FAQ dedicated to service animal policies.

Can I bring my service animal into Memphis Kiddie Park?2022-05-26T20:02:11-04:00

Memphis Kiddie Park welcomes service animals as defined by the U.S. Justice Department’s interpretation of the ADA, available here.

Memphis Kiddie Park also recognizes its obligation to its guests, especially small children. Small children may see an animal and suddenly approach it. If the animal, for example a dog, is not properly trained as a service animal, there is a stronger likelihood that the dog may snap at or even bite the child. So animals that are not true service animals present a heightened risk and may not be brought into the park.

Please know that emotional support animals are specifically excluded from the DOJ list of sanctioned animals. Hence, they are not permitted in the park.

Do know that Memphis Kiddie Park appreciates the importance of animals in some people’s lives. But the safety of our children is paramount and, to limit risk and liability, Memphis Kiddie Park closely adheres to the DOJ guidelines.

We thank you for your understanding.

Does Memphis Kiddie Park loan wheelchairs or strollers?2022-02-07T11:00:36-05:00

We do not have wheelchairs or strollers to loan. Where it’s possible, we have made accommodations for people using a wheelchair, but they must provide their own.

Does Memphis Kiddie Park make donations?2023-12-25T04:01:40-05:00

Memphis Kiddie Park has been a proud supporter of countless non-profit charities and organizations in Northeast Ohio throughout the years. And we continue to do so. Here are some general guidelines:

Because of the number of requests we receive each year, we try and limit our support to 501(c)3 organizations which directly work with or support young children.

Only donation requests submitted in writing will be considered. Use official letterhead, if available, and be sure to specify your 501(c)3 information. Requests should be mailed to our Corporate Office at the address listed at the bottom of our Contact page.

Our donations consist of ride tickets and free games of miniature golf.

Please understand that due to the many requests received, we will not respond to email or telephone donation requests.

Can I bring food or beverages into the Park?2024-05-04T19:35:10-04:00

No outside food or beverages are permitted in the Park. Exceptions may be made for infant formula and those with special dietary needs associated with allergies and medical conditions subject to our Special Dietary Needs Policy. There are a few additional exceptions for birthday parties and groups (see your Party/Group Event Confirmation for details).

So as to assure all guests of an alcohol free environment, beverages may not be brought into the Park under any circumstance with the sole exception of personal water bottles.

Glass containers are not permitted and clear bottles are suggested.

Memphis Kiddie Park is immediately adjacent to a beautiful Cleveland Metropark with picnic grounds. We encourage families who wish to bring their own food to enjoy it there either before or after their visit.

What about birthday cake?2024-03-04T23:27:30-05:00

Guests who have pre-reserved their birthday party with us are permitted to bring certain birthday treats in accordance with our Terms and Conditions for Birthday Parties & Group Events. Please review your party/event confirmation for details.

For more information about hosting your next birthday party at Memphis Kiddie Park, visit our Birthday Party page.

Are there any rules about what guests must wear?2022-02-07T10:58:28-05:00

Since we cater to families with very young children, guests are asked to dress respectfully. Local and State Laws require that all guests have a bottom garment covering any diaper or underwear, a top, and shoes. Flip flops are OK, but probably not the safest choice for kids climbing in and out of the rides. Guests wearing offensive T-shirts or other objectionable clothing will be turned away.

What kind of neighborhood are you in?2022-02-07T10:52:40-05:00

Memphis Kiddie Park is located in Brooklyn, a western suburb of Cleveland. Brooklyn is a quiet and beautiful community where the pride of its residents can be seen in manicured lawns and modern shopping centers. As a family-owned and operated business, we couldn’t be part of a more ideal community for a day of fun!

For more questions, please Contact Us.

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