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Mini Golf

A beautifully landscaped 18-Hole Course

Memphis Championship Miniature Golf, originally constructed in 1962, is a classic test of skill. Each hole is designed to allow a skilled golfer to score a hole-in-one as there are no hidden or pure chance obstacles.

When the course first opened, it featured an Alaskan theme with custom made fiberglass obstacles including kayaks and an igloo. The obstacles have changed over the years (a penguin proudly stands above Hole #1 as a nod to that original theme), but the beautifully landscaped course largely retains its original, classic design.

Miniature golf is a great way for families to enjoy time together in the outdoors. Featuring a compact layout, and with clubs available for players of all sizes, it’s perfect for our older guests and still fun for younger players who are just starting to develop their short game.

Guests Enjoy A Round Of Mini Golf

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