Fun for the little ones

Kiddie Rides

Memphis Kiddie Park features 11 amusement park rides designed especially for children under 50 inches tall.

Our rides are all classics from the early 1950’s, fully restored to look like they did when delivered from the factory and updated continuously for the latest in ride safety. All our rides are inspected and licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Ride Safety.

While all our rides are special to us, our roller coaster, the Little Dipper, has been recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts as the oldest continuously functioning steel roller coaster in North America.

Guests enjoy the Merry Go Round

A classic Allen Herschel Merry-Go-Round featuring 36 galloping horses and two chariots. This ride is one for the whole family as there is no height restriction.

Two kids on the Pony Carts ride.
Pony Carts

Sit in a cart pulled around by an electric pony along a track which extends from one end of the park to the other.

Two boys float on the boat ride.
Boat Ride

Six boats travel around a real water-filled tank. Ring the bells to let everyone know you’re coming!

Two kids ride on the ferris wheel.
Ferris Wheel

Our kiddie size wheel raises each car over 12 feet high for views all around.

Kids having fun on the Jeep ride.
Jeep Ride

Six “silly” jeeps spin while traveling in a circle. For even more excitement, hold on tight and ask the ride operator to give you an extra spin!

Young girl rides the Sky Fighters ride
Sky Fighters

These rocket ship styled rides take off into the air as they whisk around a circle. Each rider has a button to press to ward off any pesky aliens.

Guests enjoy a ride on the Little Dipper
Little Dipper

Another ride for the whole family, this little coaster packs quite a thrill as it climbs and falls over its camelback hill and returns to the station. Each ride is two trips around!

Two young girls on the Electric Cars ride
Electric Cars

These themed vehicles travel a windy track under the roller coaster track and back out. Electric cars, ahead of their time? Perhaps.

Two young boys on the Memphis Kiddie Park Turtle Ride
Turtle Chase

One of the most popular rides and certainly one for the more adventurous, these three turtles chase each other around a circle full of hills. Each of the three turtles holds a few children so friends can ride together.

MKP Airways

These gentle airplanes glide around taking your child to places only they can imagine. Considered by many as the ride to test whether your child is ready to fly solo.

Guests Enjoy A Ride on the Memphis Kiddie Park Train
Big Creek & Memphis Railway

A trip to Memphis Kiddie Park isn’t complete without a ride on our miniature train that circles the entire park. It’s a fun gentle ride for the whole family.

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