Memphis Kiddie Park welcomes service animals as defined by the U.S. Justice Department’s interpretation of the ADA, available here.

Memphis Kiddie Park also recognizes its obligation to its guests, especially small children. Small children may see an animal and suddenly approach it. If the animal, for example a dog, is not properly trained as a service animal, there is a stronger likelihood that the dog may snap at or even bite the child. So animals that are not true service animals present a heightened risk and may not be brought into the park.

Please know that emotional support animals are specifically excluded from the DOJ list of sanctioned animals. Hence, they are not permitted in the park.

Do know that Memphis Kiddie Park appreciates the importance of animals in some people’s lives. But the safety of our children is paramount and, to limit risk and liability, Memphis Kiddie Park closely adheres to the DOJ guidelines.

We thank you for your understanding.