From the first day Memphis Kiddie Park opened, it has been especially attentive to children with special needs. And, as the laws have changed and communities have become more aware, our policies have changed to include all persons with disabilities.

Many children who visit Memphis Kiddie Park have disabilities which are not readily apparent, and it is totally inappropriate for our ride operators to inquire if a child is having an issue due to special needs. Therefore, we rely on parents to inform the ride operator of any special need and, if necessary, how to respond (e.g. speak quietly, don’t touch, provide special assistance in getting on and off the ride, etc.).

All our rides pre-date any concept of an ADA and are therefore grandfathered. Still, most people will find them manageable, perhaps with a little assistance required.

Outside food a beverages are generally prohibited from Memphis Kiddie Park (with certain exceptions for pre-arranged birthday parties). However, accommodation will be made for customers with a medical condition subject to our Special Dietary Needs Policy.

For information about service animals, please see the separate FAQ dedicated to service animal policies.